Rose-Hip Vital
Nationwide brand awareness campaign with a dual
approach to video ads.

Healthy Results

Rose-Hip Vital have achieved a 454% improvement in return on ad
spend using PockeTVC creative developed by VMG.

increased by


Return on ad spend
increased by



An Australian-owned family business, Rose-Hip Vital® is committed to supporting those suffering from joint pain and mild arthritis by offering a safe and effective plant-based, anti-inflammatory product. Their 100% pure and natural product for humans, dogs and horses is made from patented Rosehip powder imported from Denmark.



Improving brand awareness

A market leader in their category, Rose-Hip Vital had seen fantastic growth through Facebook advertising, but knew they could be achieving more. They were looking to increase brand awareness across Australia.

Their Solution

Communicating the key product differentiators is easy for Rose-Hip Vital. But what about communicating the physical, mental and emotional impact that it has on a customer’s life? They wanted their audience to understand the positive effects that Rose-Hip Vital could have, and easily relate it to their own situations.

Rose-Hip Vital chose VMG to help them execute a dual approach to their creative advertising with PockeTVCs and Create to Convert videos. VMG repurposed existing assets to produce a suite of creative videos for Rose-Hip Vital, providing the client with a range of options to run targeted campaigns with.

PockeTVCs were used to enhance the professionalism of the brand. These longer clips provided the ideal platform to communicate the life-changing impacts of Rose-Hip Vital’s Equine and Canine products.

In addition to the PockeTVC ads, Create to Convert style videos focused on highlighting key brand points, basic product USPs, and demonstrating the use of the product.

After seeing a marked increase in brand awareness and recall, and the subsequent increase in sales volumes, Rose-Hip Vital worked with VMG to produce multiple ads for their Equine brand as well as their Canine brand.


VMG produced compelling, mobile-optimised video ads that the audience engaged with; driving a significant increase in click through rate as well as return on ad spend.

  • an impressive 454% improvement in return on ad spend across campaigns
  • credited with achieving the best ad-recall results across all previous Rose-Hip Vital brand awareness campaigns.
  • CTR increased by 96%.
The process to develop best practice moving creative with VMG was quick and easy. First drafts presented exceeded my expectations and minor changes were made without fuss.
Without an in depth understanding of the product VMG managed to nail the brief… [Our] brand awareness campaigns with this new creative are actually converting sales which has never happened before.