Noel leeming

Noel Leeming
Three-tiered motion creative campaign
to drive Christmas sales.

Leading retailer. Leading results.

Achieving CTR of 10x the average, proving that engaging video creative
is what the customer wants.


the average CTR
of other campaigns


Noel Leeming is New Zealand’s largest technology retailer with a network of over 80 stores nationwide. With the greatest geographic coverage of any technology and electronics retailer, they have the physical network to provide superior sales and support to the market.

Acquired by The Warehouse Group, Noel Leeming continually strives towards Group targets of staying relevant as a retailer of choice for New Zealanders.

Their goal

The gift of motion

As a dedicated technology, appliances and consumer electronics brand, Noel Leeming know the potential to engage with audiences through their devices. With new products being released rapidly as technology advances, consumerswant to know fast; and sales need to be fast.

With Christmas approaching, Noel Leemingwanted to drive social media engagement and sales using creative produced by VMG for targeted video advertising.

Their Solution

With deadlines fast approaching, Noel Leeming used the services of VMG to produce large quantities of engaging video advertising content. To meet the social strategy demands, VMG produced a total of 120 units of creative for Noel Leeming and the wider Group brands.

VMG repurposed Noel Leeming brand assets to create:

  • Still to Motion Cinemagraphs that captured the attention of the audience
  • Short form videos that delivered key messages quickly with motion
  • PockeTVCs that spoke to a mobile audience, by condensing and reframing existing TVCs


VMG provided Noel Leeming with fast and effective creative video ads that drove engagement and delivered results over the crucial Christmas sales period.

  • CTR more than 10x the average of other live campaigns
  • Reduced CPC compared with other live campaigns.
[VMG provided] fast and effective turn-around of video for social media.
[The process was] Excellent – fast, great communication and good results.
It’s what the customer wants!