with Facebook MobileWorks and VMG

Make video advertising across the Facebook and Instagram platforms even easier with VMG MobileWorks packages.

We’ll transform your existing creative assets, video and/or static, into mobile-first video ads. Launch your next campaign with mobile optimised videos that captivate your audience.

As part of the MobileWorks program, VMG provides you with a choice of the following packages:

Package includes:

  • 1 Thumbnail/Still
  • 1 Story (Facebook/Instagram/Other)
  • 1 In-stream Video (or Feed if In-stream is not supported)
  • 1 Video for Feed

Package can include

  • Still image
  • Cinemagraph / GIF
  • <6s video
  • <15s video
  • Story (Facebook/Instagram/Other)
  • Carousel

By working with VMG as part of the MobileWorks programme, the cost of your package(s) will be billed directly to Facebook. This is not an invoice.

Select your Package

Choose the package(s) that suit your needs.

MobileWorks :

2019 MobileWorks Package

Customised Package :

<6s video
<15s video
Story (Facebook/Instagram/Other)
Still image

By engaging with VMG Digital for MobileWorks or Customised package(s), you are deemed to acknowledge and accept that this agreement shall become legally binding. As part of this agreement, all raw files will be owned by VMG Digital and will not be supplied to you without prior agreement.

VMG Digital has the right to reject this agreement if any changes have been made to this agreement other than completion of the MobileWorks package ordered.

Following the completion of the project, your video assets may be presented by VMG Digital staff as part of our training and marketing activities.