Our focus is on providing media companies with scalable, high quality, responsive and low cost external pre-media services

Velocity Made Good are trusted by some of the leading publishers and brands in the world to provide creative pre-media solutions. Our teams work closely with clients to extend in-house capabilities and produce exceptional results.


Background removal

Also known as siloing, clear cutting and deep etching, removing backgrounds from photos is a core VMG service. We can work with products in a display, models on a runway and celebrities at a red carpet event. You name it, we can clear cut it. Within our team we have specialists in hair masking, jewellery etching and skin edge definition. Our team have learned to work in virtually every standard format and workflow, so you can expect an excellent result every time.

background removal


Our retouching services are tailored to each job, according to the specific style and intended use of the finished product. Retouching tasks we commonly undertake include:

  • Removal of dust, scratches, and other imperfections
  • Talent skin smoothing and tone correction
  • Image and background extension
  • Removal of specific image elements
Our highly skilled and dedicated retouchers are responsible for the vast majority of images published in highly regarded magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar, Esquire and Elle. Often this work includes coveted cover retouching.
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Colour correction

As with retouching, our colour correction services are tuned to each client’s specific needs. Colour correction work usually involves altering of shades, hues, channels, contrast and amounts of separate colours prior to printing, to prevent colour casts and balancing problems. Often colour correction aims to restore the feel and life you get in RGB following conversion to CMYK.

colour correction

Ad Production

Print ad production

We offer a bespoke layout design service for display ads. The primary users of this service are magazine publishers (for display and classified ads) and newspaper publishers (for all directly booked advertising production). This service is executional only. You supply the images and copy; we bring the ads to life. Our web-based workflow management tool helps to manage the briefing, revision, and authorization processes.

print ad production

Digital ad production

VMG provides two digital ad design services:

  • Primary origination of digital ad design, working with supplied copy and imagery.
  • Variations of existing digital ads, working from an established master template.

Output includes all Adobe- friendly formats, most commonly this means Flash, HTML5, JPEG, GIF and animated GIF.

digital ad production

EDM production

Our digital designers can create static EDMs through Dreamweaver, using tools such as tables and basic HTML codes. VMG Digital can manage the coding of EDMs for sending or providing EDM blasting services. To build an EDM we need low resolution images, copy, business logo, links to be used and output measurements.


edm production

Catalogue and page layout design

We regularly provide retail catalogue layout services to agencies and retailers. Working with PDF and InDesign files, our designers can create catalogues that customers find attractive and easy to use.

catalogue and page layout design

Publishing Operations

Newspaper Pre-media Operations

VMG offers a comprehensive range of publishing pre-media operations services including advertising layout production, classified pagination, and the output and management of newspaper editions to the designated print/output sites. VMG provide this highly specialised publishing operations services to some of the largest publishers in the newspaper world.

newspaper pre-media operations

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